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Posted: 5/2/2014

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Logos College of Thelogy

We conducted the Mission Conference from February 24 to 28. God used His servants to expound the Word of God in an amazing way touching our souls. Several of our staff members and students recomitted their lives. Logos graduation was on March 1 with thirty seven students graduated. We had about 1000 people who participated in the celebration of God's goodness to us. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

Posted: 3/19/2014

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Two New Child Care Homes

The Lord opened the door to begin two new children’s homes. One of our pastors and his wife are taking care of seven children in a rented house. In the other home our Logos graduate couple are caring for five children. Please pray we would be able to expand child care ministry to wherever we have church planting. There is such a great need for giving proper care and education to deserving children.

Posted: 3/3/2014

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Missionary Conference and Graduation Service

The eighth missionary conference was held at Logos from February 26-28, 2013. Dr. Phillip Dunn from Florida was the speaker. The 8th graduation service was held on March 2, 2013. Twenty eight students graduated. There were over 1000 participants from our fellowship and people from our neighborhood. We fed lunch to all of them. The neighbors had the opportunity to hear a gospel message. To God be the glory!

Posted: 3/21/2013

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Day of Prayer

We have been holding Day of Prayer every year in December to thank the Lord for the blessings and for His guidance and blessing for the following year. The 24 hours prayer was conducted this year from 7;00 a.m. on December 20 to 7:00 a.m. on December 21 at all our ministry locations in every state. The Lord has indeed blessed the prayers. Many of our ministry partners sent prayer requests. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to pray for your needs. We prayed for them and for all of our supporters.

Posted: 1/29/2013

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Bicycles for Ministry

The Lord has been good to us and opened new doors for ministry. By God's grace the ministry is growing. 5 bicycles were distributed to our pastors in Andhra Pradesh. These are great tools for their ministry. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Posted: 8/22/2012

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Ashey - Logos Graduate 2012

God taught me His Word and Logos invested in me a lot. I am so thrilled to be known as a Logos graduate. I know the knowledge this institution imparted is matchless. God now directs me to teach in Agape Mission School. While teaching I will also assist in the children's home. Thus, my desire to minister to children will be fulfilled. I want to share the good news of Jesus Christ to all the children I meet and lead them to salvation.

Posted: 3/16/2012

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Logos College of Theology Graduation

Logos 7th graduation went well. Fifty one students graduated and about 1000 participants were present to witness God's faithfulness. Dr. James Eagan (Texas) was the guest speaker. The love feast after graduation was a great time of fellowship. The summer teams are off today to different locations in India. Thanks for the prayers.

Posted: 2/29/2012

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105 Blankets Distributed

105 Blankets were distributed to families in churches in Bihar. It is too cold and the blankets will warm them. Thank you to a church in Michigan who gave to provide these blankets.

Posted: 2/9/2012

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Logos College of Theology Graduation

Fifty two students are graduating on February 25. This is the largest group graduating from Logos. We will have about 1000 participants to witness the service. Please pray that the 7th graduation would bring glory to the Lord. A computer lab at Logos College was recently dedicated. View the photo gallery for pictures of the dedication.

Posted: 1/31/2012

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Please Pray

We are asking prayer for one of our missionary families. They started a church in a village. God graciously saved people from non-Christian backgrounds. Later the church was burned down by enemies of the Gospel. Then the church met in the pastor's home. Last week when the pastor was not home, some radicals broke into the house an attacked his wife and son. They were later admitted to the hospital. They were given an ultimatum to leave the village or risk their lives. Please pray that God gives us wisdom to continue to work in the village and for the protection of this precious family and the church. With Profound Regards and Gratitude, Abraham Thomas Director

Posted: 10/5/2011

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New Van for Logos College

Greetings in Christ’s precious name! “Praise God from whom all blessings flow...”.

You remember us presenting a van project for Logos College of Theology student outreach ministries. Thank you for praying and graciously contributing towards it. I wish you could have joined the students on the day of celebration and dedication of the new van.

Thank you for your help in obtaining this special tool to facilitate practical training and outreach ministries advancing the Kingdom of God. Faculty and students dedicated the van today on Logos campus. We thank you again for your love for Agape ministries to the glory of God. God’s richest blessings and rewards surely await you.

Posted: 9/2/2011

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Agape Home

John and Chinnamma are taking care of the children in the Agape Home. You may remember that the bathrooms collapsed. We are grateful to have the bathrooms rebuilt in large part with designated gifts. Just last week a church gave a gift that helped complete the remainder of the project! We are so thankful for all the help with this important project.

Sajith is in the Agape home and is in 6th grade. He is a brilliant student and a good artist. His father died five years ago and his mother does some odd works for a living.

Ajeesh and Rajeesh are siblings studying in 6th and 5th grades. Their father walked away a few years ago. Their mother or grandmother couldn't control these boys. Their grandfather died falling from a cocunut tree. It is very difficult to manage these boys and they are not at all interested in studies. Houseparents say that there is some change since they came to their care. Please pray for them.

Thanks for your partnership.


Posted: 8/15/2011

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Greetings from our India homes. The Lord has been so good to our kids and houseparents during the past month. I had the opportunty to visit five homes last month. The kids are growing and rejoicing. Thanks so much for making their lives so blessed.

Dr Michael Orr, a professor at Moody Bible Institute, and his wife were with us for two weeks. He taught at Logos College of Theology and preached in our churches and visited children's homes.

God is at work! Thanks again for partnering with Global Compassion.


Posted: 8/11/2011

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